Incredible dress (0120)

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This incredible pattern combines festive and everyday fashion. Depending on your choices of the model options and fabrics, you may have either an easy-going dress or a party-style outfit. Either way, you will end up with an absolutely comfy garment thanks to over-cut shoulders and relaxed fit. This pull-on, double V-neck dress with elbow-length sleeves is a flattering design. Optional frills creating bell sleeves will definitely draw some extra attention!

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The model is wearing size EU[170][40][S+1]/US[5ft 7in][10][S+1]/UK[5ft 7in][12][S+1].

  • 158cm / 5ft_2in
  • 164cm / 5ft_5in
  • 170cm / 5ft_7in
  • 176cm / 5ft_9in
  • 182cm / 6ft_0in
  • 188cm / 6ft_2in
  • EU 34-42/ US 02-10/ UK 06-14
  • EU 40-48/ US 08-16/ UK 12-20
  • EU 46-54/ US 14-22/ UK 18-26
  • regular back
  • rounded back
  • sway back
  • S
  • S+1
  • S+2
  • S-1
  • A4
  • US _letter
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A pull-on, dropped shoulders pencil dress with optional bell sleeves.

In a photo step-for-step sewing guide accompanying this model (Full Sewing Guide) you will learn how finish a neckline with shaped facings and make bell /frill sleeves.



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