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Welcome to the fantastic MySizePatterns sewing experience!

We have got here something really special for you – an unique combination of a sewing pattern and a comprehensive sewing guide for it. Moreover, our patters have incredible sizing and take into account different bust sizes, requirements of a sway or a rounded back as well as specifics of sloping or straight shoulders. Believe or not, but we are all in at least one aspect  Perfectly non-standard and MySizePatterns take care of it.  The sewing guide accompanying each pattern will lead you through all technical aspects and steps of the sewing project – to make your garment a stunning piece of clothing.

We address our projects to all sewing enthusiasts – to serious home dressmakers already experienced in sewing and searching for new challenges, but especially to all adventurous beginners – eager to discover the fantastic world of sewing. With our detailed photo sewing instructions and all inside information regarding a given model you have no other way but to simply succeed.


The patterns, sewing step-by-step tutorials and model particulars are in English. The information is given in two metric systems (cm and inch). If you still need some further clarification, you may always ask a question via the contact form Contact Us or leave a reply under the product. You may freely write in English, Dutch or Polish (with other languages we will ask Mr Google Translate for help).

All our patterns are available for various heights, which is not just a simple alternation of making patterns pieces longer of shorter at the hemline, but they are designed taking into account specific body proportions. On top of different heights, there are 4 bust sizes and 3 types of the back  – and that for all circumference sizes. All this results in 792 (!) possible size combinations for a garment for a woman. So there is a great chance that you will find here what your silhouette needs  – just make your choice.


Intrigued? Read more about our sizing system in the article Incredible MySizePatterns sizes. But if that is still not enough, we also offer you a possibility to order our pattern in your individual (!) measurements as a Custom order.

Moreover, we plan in Q3 2019 to go even one step further and introduce a new service, being a pattern developed for you individual measurements and according to your design. This “Special project”, will be a non-standard offer, subject to negotiation regarding the timing, process and price- depending on the complexity of a given project. Think about a wedding or an evening dress you fancy – or any other garment of your dreams.

We provide you with digital patterns, each size in a separate file (no layered PDF pattern) allowing you to print only the size that you need. The patterns have seam allowances included throughout, so you run no risk of miscalculating the allowances while cutting the fabric.

MySizePatterns projects are designed to deliver an eye-catching piece of clothing and take into account the latest developments in pattern making and fashion trends. The sewing steps are carefully thought through to be technically as easy as possible, but to lead to a professionally looking garment finish at the same time.

Check out our free product featuring a superb knit skirt MySizePatterns Test skirt (0001)

Enjoy your sewing experience!


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