twin needle

twin needle – two needles attached to one shank, to be used only on zigzag (almost all home) machines. The needle threads make two parallel lines on the top side while the bobbin thread forms a zigzag between the two needle stitches on the bottom side. Twin needle stitch is elastic and can be used …

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vent – a slash in a garment usually created for gaining some (comfort/design) ease. Can be faced or lined. Common in dresses and skirts (walking ease) or jackets. Read more about ease in Understanding ease


basting / baste – temporary stitching, made either by hand or by machine, to hold in place two (or more) layers of fabric. Basting is usually done in the preparation phase before final stitching to check the fit, secure the placement of pockets, indicate making lines.

seam allowance

seam allowance – the extra fabric outside the seam line that allows you to sew garment pieces together. There are default seam allowances in MySizePatterns patterns of 1cm/ 3/8” for garments sewn from woven fabrics and of 7mm / ¼ “ for garments made from knits.