binding – applying a strip of a fabric, usually cut on the bias, to finish a raw edges of a garment. Relatively easy way of finishing curved edges such as neckline or armholes. You can make a binding stripe yourself or buy pre-folded bands


easing – the process of gathering extra length on one piece of the garment to match the other one, slightly shorter. The intension of easing is to join these two pieces without visible folds, pleats or puckers. This technique is used when setting in sleeves.


Pre-shrinking – preparation of the fabric before cutting by washing, dry-cleaning and/or steaming to prevent the shrinkage of a ready garment. Read more about this important preparation step in the article Pre-shrinking


pivot(ing) – stitching around/at the corner by leaving a needle in the fabric at the very corner, raising the presser foot, turning the fabric to a desired direction, lowering the presser foot and sewing further.

presser foot

presser foot – changeable part of a sewing machine which allows to tackle different sewing tasks (here: zig-zag foot). Presser feet hold fabric flat as it is fed through the machine (shifted by feed dogs) and stitched. Read more Sewing machine feet

right-wrong side

right / wrong side – term referring to the side of the fabric, which is visible/exposed when a garment is ready. As opposed to the – wrong side – term referring to the side of the fabric, which is not visible/not exposed when a garment is ready, hidden inside the garment.


pressing – an important part of a sewing process involving using a (steam)iron to smooth out and flatten seams, darts and other garment construction elements Pressing. Not the same as ironing.

rotary bobbin case

rotary bobbin case – a type of a sewing machine hook system (which catches the thread below the throat plate to create a stitch). There are two main types of hooks: rotary (usually in modern machines) and oscillating. In a rotary hook machine the hook rotates in a full circle around a stationary bobbin. Machines …

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shears – cutting tool for cutting out fabric with and uneven handle bows and blades usually longer than 18cm/7”. Read more Cutting tools