MySizePatterns came to life from a passion for sewing and frustration about poor fit. As passion and frustration are the usual driving forces for all innovations, the whole process has resulted in an innovative approach to pattern making and sewing.

We take fitting issues seriously and address the most common fitting challenges in our patterns. We make patterns for real people, therefore we present them on regular people, too. Moreover, going against current trends we do not photoshop our photos, changing the proportions of the models, removing wrinkles on the fabrics etc. So what you see and get here is a real deal.

We have developed our own pattern making formulas deriving from and combining the best from some well known, international systems and approaches. All of them have been put to the (stress) test, adjusted, enriched with our innovative input and finally: fine-tuned for the feedback received from our enthusiastic test users (thanks once again!).

All these efforts to make here the FIT the real king.


You will find on our site new sewing projects and interesting sewing-related articles, on a regular basis. You will be also able to give your comments, ask questions and proudly present your projects.

We start our collection with true wardrobe essentials and do our best to help you get all the stages a sewing project right first time (this is our mission!). You will love these basic (but well fitted) patterns for garments that you can quickly make and wear forever.

Launching the site mid April 2019, we are planning to publish most of our patterns currently in the pipeline (Patterns list download) by the end of the 2019. You will find here at least one new project each month. The patterns for children will appear on our site at the end of the summer.

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We are truly excited and glad that you are here!

Prepare to be amazed and Welcome to MySizePatterns.